What's So Great About Custom Wedding Rings?

Many newly engaged or recently married couples are taking the time to design their own custom wedding rings. There are so many styles on the market that popular designs might be already taken by family and friends. To avoid having the same ring as someone else, here are three reasons to consider custom wedding rings.


1. Represent Your Relationship


When you design your own ring, you can incorporate elements that represent your relationship. Perhaps you want to use your significant other's birthstone instead of a traditional diamond. You can also include an engraving of your wedding date, the day you met, or each other's initials.


2. You Can Match Each Other


With custom wedding rings, you can take the time to design rings that complement each other. If you both want rose gold settings or baguettes to be included, you are free to design rings that not only look great on their own, but also look great together. These will look beautiful in your wedding photos.

3. Dedicated Ring Repair


Designing custom wedding rings often means working directly with a jeweler. One great advantage of this is that you have a trusted partner should you need ring repair, cleaning, resizing, or any other service in the future. You'll know exactly where to go and the jeweler will already be familiar with your ring.


Custom wedding rings are a beautiful way to represent your love to one another and ensure you have a unique ring that you won't find anywhere else. If you're interested in designing your own engagement or wedding rings, please contact us Forever Jewels Design Studio. We would love to work with you to design a one-of-a-kind ring that's just for you and your special someone.