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At FJDS8, Theo M has been creating dazzling, newly inspired jewellery from heirloom, damaged and old pieces. Whether it be updating the look and styling of a piece or incorporating new stones, a piece that no longer suits you can be masterfully transformed into something you are proud to wear.

The process of remodeling lets you retain the intrinsic value and meaning of a special piece, into a new form that holds new precious memories as well.

This glamorous 4.4 carat diamond ring has been remodeled. Theo used the existing centre stone and princess cut diamonds and added an extra halo of round brilliant diamonds around the main diamond. We live for moments like this when our clients happiness becomes our best reward. Did you know? By #restyling your jewellery, you not only give it a #modern feel and appearance, but also increases its value.


There are many questions you may have before embarking on a remodel of a special item. Here are some questions and answers to help you make a decision. And when you're ready, call us or pop in to chat to Theo about the possibilities and your vision.

Is it possible to melt down old gold?

  • Yes it is.
  • Yellow and Rose Gold can be easily meted down and remodeled
  • White Gold has components in it that make it more challenging and would increase the cost of melting
  • Gold and Silver Refining Results: Typical losses from refining gold are 1%-2.5% from melt or mass losses and another 1.5%-2.5% on assay or under carat losses.

I don't like my engagement ring. Is it possible to add elements, stones etc. to create a new shape I love?

  • Absolutely. Pop in and let's chat about creating something you adore!

What type of jewellery can be remodeled?

  • While our most common request is generally rings, we are also able to remodel bracelets and occasionally pendants depending on your needs.

This stunning ring was remodeled by adding the two flanking bands, the halo of diamonds around the stone and on the shank.


Still have questions, give us a call to or pop in and chat to Theo about the possibilities of remodelling a piece of jewellery that you are proud to wear.


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