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When choosing the perfect engagement ring, a white diamond has always been the perfect classic choice. However, the glamorous likes of Hollywood and Royalty have put their value on a stone that stands out with its pristing pink glow. The pink diamond is elegant, feminine, and insatiably romantic.

Pink diamonds are worth the investment due to their rare nature and, according to the Gemological Institute of America, make up only about 1 percent of diamond production worldwide. This rarity probably explains why they’re something of a celebrity favorite: Pink diamond engagement rings have been spotted on the fingers of stars like Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, and Mariah Carey.

Besides the dazzling difference between pink and white diamonds being the gorgeous colour. Pink diamonds the rarer stone and as such, the more expensive. Many people who choose pink diamonds do so because of their beautiful color, which can come in a range of saturations, from a light, subtle pink to a bright, hot pink. They are “20 times more expensive than white diamonds of the same size because of their rarity and limited supply,” according to Azra Mehdi, the founder of Au Xchange, a jeweler specializing in fine gold jewelery.

Like white diamonds, pink diamonds are extremely durable, making them an excellent engagement ring stone. “They are the hardest known natural substance, and only another diamond can scratch your diamond,” Kanary says. Kim Kanary is a certified diamontologist and vice president of community development and engagement at JTV, an online jewelry shopping destination. “Diamonds are known for their high dispersion and brilliance, which cause the scintillating flashes of color and light that everyone loves.” Basically, you get the durability and strength of a white diamond in a pretty hue.

Pink, the colour of Love

The color pink has long been associated with the sweeter emotions. During England’s Elizabethan Era (1558-1603), pink was thought to represent happiness and delight. Pink is now linked with love, tenderness and innocence. So if you want to express your love, a pink diamond engagement ring whispers romance.

Just like true love, a diamond that is pink in color is a rare thing. Pink diamonds often have another color like orange, purple, or brown that modifies its predominant pink color. Purplish pink, orangy pink, and brownish pink are some of the color terms GIA uses to describe these modified/ modifying colors for pink diamonds. These beauties can be every bit as stunning as a pink diamond with no additional color – but pink diamonds with no modifying colors are a bit more uncommon.

The world is vast, but pink diamonds have been found only in a few locations. Historically, southern India was an important source in the 17th century. The occasional rough pink diamond has been found in Brazil’s rivers, and mines in Russia and Africa have had sporadic output yielding only a few carats of gem-quality pink stones from time to time.

In the past few decades, the Argyle mine in Australia has been the most important source of pink diamonds, but finds here have been rare. According to Rio Tinto Ltd., the owner of the mine, “more than 800 million carats of rough diamonds have been produced from the Argyle Diamond Mine. Total carats of pink rough: less than 1% of total production.”

A Pink Diamond Is a Bit Mysterious

Love is something of a mystery – and so is the cause of a pink diamond’s color. For blue diamonds, the presence of the element boron is responsible for the cause of color, and nitrogen is the cause of color for yellow diamonds. But there is no evidence that trace elements are the cause of color for a pink diamond.

Scientists theorize that the color in a pink diamond is caused by color centers. Color centers can selectively absorb light in the visible region of the spectrum. They are the result of lattice defects, or imperfections in the arrangement of the atoms in a crystal. These defects can sometimes cause pink graining in the diamond crystal. The intensity of the color depends on the amount of pink graining present.

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